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As of 2015 we are very proud to announce that in addition to our workshops and courses we will also be offering a full custom surfboard service under the label


All bespoke. 

 All hand made from start to finish.

Shaped, glassed and finished in-house.

Keeping traditional boardbuilding alive.

For a little taster of what to expect, check out 

Bude Surf Cabin

Who we are stoked to say will be holding a range of demo boards and the only place other than the lineup you'll see anything but a custom BandWagon.

Thanks for the support Ian!

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    I can't change a light bulb without a manual, but Love Foam gave me the confidence, skills and enthusiasm to shape my dream surfboard. From concept to wave, Love Foam guide you every step of the way, providing expert advice when needed, carefully coaching you through each step of the shaping process. It's a unique opportunity and experience that I would recommend to any surfer, from beginner to expert. And it's great fun too. What's not to like?! Making your own board with Love Foam should be first on any surfer's bucket list. Ottie Fort


    this is going to sound so much like an advert but I mean it genuinely - thanks very much to Chris so far for all his help along the way - thanks to him I'll be left with something I can enjoy for a long time. If anyone's in the area and fancies giving shaping a go but needs an extra shove you'd do well to get in touch with him. Craig Stovold

    Just had 2 fantastic days with Chris Hartop from Lovefoam shaping my first board in North Cornwall. Anybody who surfs should do this at least once.. Unfortunately I kind of get the feeling it might be addictive... Board is a 7' 2" Andreini/Liddle inspired hull, something I'd never have bought so making it was the obvious solution. Do it once and you'll realize the work that goes into a custom board and never question the price again! Toby Adamson

    I'm on day two with Chris, the board we've ended up shaping is way above my expectations so far and I'm having a blast (although shaping is hard work when you've been a pen pusher for years!). 
    If anyone else is thinking of doing something similar - as nike say - just do it!  John Price

    One of the best things I've done as a surfer. Although I'm now even more obsessed with board design than ever!


    this weekend I saw my friend -- a very very very happy Dan from Wales -- riding his blue Lovefoam special at saunton this weekend. I always think of him as a dyed in the wool bing boy, but he claims it's way better than any bing he's ever ridden. whoot!

    The key is in the name...put simply we love lovefoam. Tiki Yates